Why Northern Bee Marketing Agency?

Bees are industrious, notoriously hard workers that create sweet honey through consistency and diligence. Consistency, diligence and hard work are characteristics of both our personality and what it takes to be a successful marketer.

At Northern Bee Marketing, we work hard to turn the nectar of your brand into sweet, delicious honey.

We're based in the heart of Manchester, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, the true Northern Powerhouse where the worker bee is an ethos the city was built upon. The American President Abraham Lincoln gifted the symbol of the worker bee to Manchester as it was a hive of industry and to thank the good mill workers of Manchester for their support of the emancipation of slaves.

Hello, nice to meet you

Our founder, Anyo G.

Anyo has a decade of social media & digital marketing experience. She first dabbled in SMM as a self-taught enthusiast back when Pinterest was an invite-only platform!  Her passion led her to work full-time where she marketed it all from wedding favours & bed frames to services at some of the UK's leading companies.