August Holidays and Observances

August can be a funny month. It's another month of interrupted schedules as people jet off on holidays and focus on unwinding and relaxing. All that lounging by the pool makes for a great time to scroll through Insta, however, so consider it a prime time to connect with your audience! August sees us celebrating a variety of lifestyles and heritage. On a week-by-week basis, there's not much to commemorate but still an opportunity to connect with your audience depending on your product or service. The all-day, one-off celebrations and observances come into their own in August and we celebrate everything from platonic relationships to beer and its effects. The observances this month are bit more cheeky and have a lot of personality--let that inspire you to shake things up a bit. Let your hair down and show the human side of your business. August is a time for flip flops, tank tops and shorts. Down-to-earth and relatable goes over well. 

August Month-Long Celebrations

These celebrations last for the entire month of August. It doesn't matter when you mention them in your marketing, but if there is one or two relevant to your products or services, be sure to make a big deal about them! 

  • Shop Online for Groceries Month
  • National Goat Cheese Month
  • National Immunisation Awareness Month
  • Children's Eye Health and Safety Month
  • National Breastfeeding Month
  • National Road Victim Month
  • Psoriasis Awareness Month
  • National Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month
  • American Adventures Month
  • Black Business Month
  • Happiness Happens Month
  • What Will Your Legacy Be? Month
  • National Water Quality Month

August Week-Long Observances

There's plenty to observe, celebrate and raise awareness of each week in August! Highlighting week-long celebrations on your Insta or in your newsletter are great ways for joining a current conversation! Look for hashtags related to the observance to ensure your reach goes a bit further! And don't forget to spend some time checking out other posts, too. This is a great way to join the conversation and naturally build brand awareness. Remember that some of these observances may not be big in your country yet, but there's no reason you can't join in on the fun, especially if you ship your product or deliver your service globally! 

  • National Allotments Week (third week)
  • Simplify Your Life Week (first week)
  • World Breastfeeding Week (first week)
  • National Bargain Hunting Week (second week)

August Special Days and Observances

It's the one-off August holidays and observances that can really drive sales and brand awareness! And you might be surprised to learn just how many opportunities for jumping on the bandwagon you'll have in August! 

  • 1 August: National Girlfriends Day
  • 3 August: Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)
  • 3 August: International Beer Day
  • 4 August: International Hangover Day
  • 7 August: Raspberries and Cream Day
  • 8 August: International Cat Day
  • 11 August: Son and Daughter Day
  • 13 August: National Relaxation Day
  • 16 August: National Bratwurst Day
  • 20 August: National Bacon Lovers Day
  • 26 August: National Dog Day
  • 31 August: Summer Bank Holiday

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