February Holidays and Special Days

Love is in the air in February, but since we're not in the Dark Ages anymore, we're not just talking about romantic love - even platonic love reigns supreme this month! But of course, Valentine's Day isn't the only thing worth celebrating this month! You'll find plenty of opportunities for observing and celebrating in February from month-long observances celebrating ethnic history to an emphasis on our real soulmates, our friends, to quote Carrie Bradshaw. On a week-by-week basis, you'll find plenty to smile about with observances celebrating food and the literature we love from our childhood. And the coup de grâce of special days and holidays: those one-offs. Whether you're single and ready to mingle or boo'd up, there's plenty to celebrate this month and lots of love to go around! 

February Month-Long Celebrations

These celebrations last for the entire month of February. It doesn't matter when you mention them in your marketing, but if there is one or two relevant to your products or services, be sure to make a big deal about them! 

  • Black History Month (US)
  • American Heart Month
  • National Children's Dental Health Month
  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
  • Friendship Month
  • National Youth Leadership Month
  • Library Lovers Month
  • LGBT History Month

February Week-Long Observances

There's plenty to observe, celebrate and raise awareness of each week in February! Highlighting week-long celebrations on your Insta or in your newsletter are great ways for joining a current conversation! Look for hashtags related to the observance to ensure your reach goes a bit further! And don't forget to spend some time checking out other posts, too. This is a great way to join the conversation and naturally build brand awareness. Remember that some of these observances may not be big in your country yet, but there's no reason you can't join in on the fun, especially if you ship your product or deliver your service globally! 

  • Children's Authors and Illustrators Week (first week)
  • National School Counselling Week (first week)
  • International Snow Sculpting Week (first week)
  • Sign2Sing Week (first week)
  • Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week (first week)
  • Tinnitus Awareness Week (first week)
  • Children's Mental Health Week (first week)
  • Student Volunteering Week (second week)
  • Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week (second week)
  • Jello Week (second full week)
  • Random Acts of Kindness Week (second week)
  • National Engineers Week (third week)
  • National Eating Disorder Screening Programme Week (fourth week)
  • Fairtrade Fortnight - 24 February - 8 March

February Special Days and Observances

It's the one-off days and holidays that can really drive sales and brand awareness! And you might be surprised to learn just how many opportunities for jumping on the bandwagon you'll have in February! 

  • 1 February: National Freedom Day 
  • 1 February: Take your Child to the Library Day (first Saturday)
  • 2 February: Groundhog Day
  • 2 February: World Wetlands Day
  • 3 February: Four Chaplains Day
  • 4 February: USO Day and World Cancer Day
  • 5 February: National Weatherman's Day
  • 7 February: National Wear Red Day (first Friday)
  • 7 February: NSPCC Number Day
  • 8 February: Kite Flying Day
  • 9 February: National Stop Bullying Day 
  • 9 February: Read in the Bathtub Day
  • 10 February: World Marriage Day
  • 11 February: Make a Friend Day
  • 11 February: Don't Cry over Spilt Milk Day
  • 12 February: Lincoln's Birthday
  • 12 February: Darwin Day
  • 13 February: World Radio Day
  • 13 February: Galentine's Day
  • 14 February: Valentine's day
  • 14 February: Read to your Child Day
  • 14 February: National Organ Donor Day
  • 16 February: Do a Grouch a Favour Day
  • 17 February: Presidents Day (third Monday)
  • 17 February: Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • 17 February: Digital Learning Day
  • 18 February: Battery Day
  • 19 February: Chocolate Mint Day
  • 20 February: National Love Your Pet Day
  • 21 February: International Mother Language Day
  • 22 February: Washington's Birthday
  • 22 February: Be Humble Day
  • 22 February: World Thinking Day
  • 25 February: Shrove Tuesday
  • 26 February: Ash Wednesday/Pancake Day
  • 26 February: Tell a Fairy Tale Day
  • 27 February: No Brainer Day
  • 27 February: Spay Day USA
  • February 29: Rare disease day (last day of February)
  • February 29: Leap Day (once every four years)

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