October Holidays and Special Days

Ah, October. The month of pumpkins, maize mazes, scarecrows and all things spooky. But October is so much more than ghouls and goblins! It is loaded with month-long observances that celebrate self-improvement, education and ethical responsibility. On a week-by-week basis, you'll find a list of observances that run the gamut from channelling your inner Marie Kondo and getting organised to encourage teenagers to pick up a book or two. Don't forget those one-off days and holidays! There are things to sink your teeth into and days to get swept away by rhyme. October is a sensational month for celebrating, let me count the ways! 

October Month-Long Celebrations

These celebrations last for the entire month of October. It doesn't matter when you mention them in your marketing, but if there is one or two relevant to your products or services, be sure to make a big deal about them! 

  • Computer Learning Month
  • International Dinosaur Month
  • Raptor Month
  • Bullying Prevention Month
  • ADHD Awareness Month
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Go Sober for October
  • Learning Disabilities Awareness Month
  • Sarcasm Month
  • Diversity Awareness Month
  • Positive Attitude Month
  • National Ergonomics Month
  • National Cholesterol Month
  • National Book Month
  • Fair Trade Month

October Week-Long Observances

There's plenty to observe, celebrate and raise awareness of each week in October! Highlighting week-long celebrations on your Insta or in your newsletter are great ways for joining a current conversation! Look for hashtags related to the observance to ensure your reach goes a bit further! And don't forget to spend some time checking out other posts, too. This is a great way to join the conversation and naturally build brand awareness. Remember that some of these observances may not be big in your country yet, but there's no reason you can't join in on the fun, especially if you ship your product or deliver your service globally! 

  • World Space Week: 4-10 October
  • National Work Life Week: 7-11 October
  • National Arthritis Week: 7-13 October
  • National Curry Week: 7-13 October
  • Backcare Awareness Week: 8-12 October
  • Baby Loss Awareness Week: 9-15 October
  • National Adoption Week: 14-20 October
  • Chocolate Week: 15-21 October
  • Get Organised Week: First full week of October
  • Mystery Series Week: First full week of October
  • Great Books Week: First full week of October
  • Fall Astronomy Week: Calendar week in which Fall Astronomy Day falls
  • Kids' Goal Setting Week: First full work-week in October
  • Financial Planning Week: First Monday to Sunday in October
  • Pet Peeve Week: Second week of October
  • Dyspraxia Awareness Week: Second week of October
  • National Braille Week: Second week of October
  • National Metric Week: Week containing 10 October
  • Earth Science Week: Always held in October; week varies
  • Teen Read Week: Third week of October
  • National Baking Week: Third week of October
  • Chemistry Week: Always held in October; week varies

October Special Days and Observances

It's the one-off days and holidays that can really drive sales and brand awareness! And you might be surprised to learn just how many opportunities for jumping on the bandwagon you'll have in October! 

  • 1 October: Less Than Perfect Day
  • 1 October: International Coffee Day
  • 3 October: Look at the Leaves Day
  • 3 October: Techies Day
  • 4 October: National Diversity Day (first Friday)
  • 5 October: World Teacher's Day
  • 5 October: Do Something Nice Day
  • 5 October: International Frugal Fun Day (first Saturday)
  • 6 October: Mad Hatter Day
  • 7 October: World Day of Bullying Prevention
  • 8 October: National Pierogie Day
  • 8 October: National Face Your Fears Day
  • 8 October: Fall Astronomy Day
  • 9 October: Curious Events Day
  • 9 October: National Chess Day
  • 9 October: Yom Kippur
  • 9 October: National Stop Bullying Day (second Wednesday)
  • 10 October: World Mental Health Day
  • 10 October: World Sight Day (second Thursday)
  • 11 October: Remember Forever Day
  • 11 October: International Day of the Girl Child
  • 11 October: National Coming Out Day
  • 12 October: Universal Music Day
  • 12 October: Moment of Frustration Day
  • 13 October: English Language Day
  • 14 October: Columbus Day (second Monday)
  • 15 October: National Grouch Day
  • 15 October: National Poetry Day
  • 16 October: Dictionary Day
  • 16 October: Learn a Word Day
  • 17 October: Wear Something Gaudy Day
  • 20 October: Information Overload Day
  • 24 October: United Nations Day
  • 26 October: Make a Difference Day (fourth Saturday)
  • 27 October: Navy Day
  • 27 October: Diwali/Deepavali
  • 29 October: Hermit Day
  • 30 October: Mischief Night
  • 31 October: Halloween
  • 31 October: National Magic Day
  • 31 October: UNICEF Day

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